Do you really choose sunshade in summer?

When it comes to the season of "just a pinch of cumin to barbecue", sunscreen tools are in full swing, and sunscreen umbrellas are indispensable for summer travel. This year, many businesses on the Internet are promoting sunshade with black plastic coating. These umbrellas are often labeled as "super sun protection" as a selling point, has been favored by many consumers. Black glue coated sunshade umbrella is favored by consumers because of its stronger sunscreen effect and better sunscreen effect than the traditional silver glue coating.

There are hundreds of silver gel sunscreen umbrellas on the market. Which one is better?

1. choose sunscreen umbrellas. First look at material nylon texture, umbrella surface opaque best.

Umbrella surface on the market has a variety of materials, such as cotton, silk, nylon, plastic, chemical fiber and polyester and so on. In recent years, we are in the street common sunscreen umbrellas, mainly made of two materials, one called "chameleon" and the other is lace umbrella.

The chameleon umbrellas are expensive, with hundreds or more being close to a thousand. They are said to undergo special anti-ultraviolet treatments to block more than 90 percent of the ultraviolet radiation. In fact, these umbrellas are mainly used for nylon. It has not been processed. Manufacturers only through the unique textile technology to achieve different colors on both sides, and add different colors of bright wire, the umbrella surface to achieve reflective effect when rotating, it is precisely because of this special technology, so that many manufacturers drilled holes.

Another kind of sun protection Lace Umbrella, these two years Lace Umbrella is not only popular, it is simply hot! However, such umbrellas are beautiful, but the sun protection effect is not so impressive. Because lace does not have any anti-ultraviolet function, to prevent ultraviolet light depends on the following layer of umbrella, and the umbrella surface is mainly made of nylon. So what is the effect of nylon's sunscreen? Nylon cloth does not deform, dye, and is light, but for sunscreen, it just reduces the penetration of light.

Sunscreen effect is better, the umbrella surface is thicker, the closer the fabric is, the better anti-ultraviolet performance, compared with cotton, silk, nylon and other fabrics, polyester is more sunscreen. If you want to know the sunscreen effect of sunshade, you may try it in the sun. The deeper the shadow and the lower the transmittance, the best sun protection effect.

2. dark umbrellas protect against ultraviolet rays.

Under the same fabric, dark umbrella anti-ultraviolet effect is better, generally dark umbrella cloth can block 95% of the UVA. The reflective area of the umbrella is very large. It is better to have a black coating on the inside of the umbrella cloth to avoid re-reflecting the UVA from the ground to the face.

3. sun protection index

Mainly depends on the protection index, that is, UPF and UVA value, only when UPF is greater than 40, and UVA transmittance is less than 5%, can be called anti-ultraviolet products, the greater the UPF value, the better its anti-ultraviolet performance. Generally, most of the logo on the market is "UPF50 +" and its protective work.

That's enough.

4. umbrella area is large.

Ultraviolet radiation is irradiated from all directions, and the larger the area, the better the effect will be. Therefore, it is best to expand the area when choosing.

5., the umbrella position should be shoulder duty sunshade.

Will the position of the umbrella affect the sunshade effect? According to people's habits in real life, reporters will be photographed target locked in the face, and then to upright and shoulder two umbrella posture simulation, comparing the two postures which have better sun protection effect.

Experiments have shown that when people hold an umbrella upright, the umbrella can cover a wider area, and the surrounding environment reflects less light to the face in addition to the direct sunlight.

Therefore, under sunlight, upright umbrella is better than sunshade.