5 categories of umbrellas

Four thousand years ago, a child walked in the rain with a large lotus leaf on his head and the raindrops rolled down the sloping edge of the convex lotus leaf, which inspired the invention of the umbrella. Later, umbrellas became indispensable in people's lives.

And from appearance to function continue to enrich. Do you know what kinds of umbrellas are there? Look at it.

Umbrella: Umbrella with rain, wind, sun and ultraviolet protection and other practical functions, including rain umbrella; sunshade, ultraviolet protection sunshade umbrella; sunshine and rain umbrella.

Craft Umbrella: Umbrella used to decorate the viewing on sunny days, mainly used for gifts, stage, props, decorative lights, including oil-paper umbrella, cloth umbrella, plastic umbrella, wedding umbrella and so on.

Polyester umbrella: brighter color, umbrella fabric rubbed on the hand, obvious creases, not easy to restore. When the cloth is rubbed, it feels a resistance and a rustling sound. Coating on polyester fiber

The upper layer of silver glue is what we usually call the silver glue umbrella (anti UV). But after long use, the place of folding is easy to escape.

PG Umbrella: PG also known as impact cloth, the color is matte, feel like cotton cloth, better light resistance, anti-ultraviolet function, quality stability, color grade are ideal, is a better umbrella.

Cloth is usually used only in high-grade umbrellas.

Nylon Umbrella: Brilliant color, light cloth, soft feel, reflective surface, feel like silk in the hand, rubbing back and forth with the hand, resistance is very small, high strength is not easy to break, is widely used in umbrellas

The price is higher than that of polyester and PG.

Manual umbrella: manual opening and closing, long handle umbrella and folding umbrella have manual.

Semi-automatic umbrella: automatic opening, manual closing, usually long handle umbrella is semi-automatic, now there are two folded umbrella or three folded umbrella is semi-automatic.

Automatic umbrella: Open and hand and are fully automatic, the end of the manual push back, mainly three fold automatic umbrella.

Long handle umbrella: Windbreak effect is good, especially the lattice umbrella with more umbrella bones, strong wind and heavy rain weather is a good choice, but not so convenient to carry.

Double fold umbrella: Combining the windproof function of long handle umbrella, and it is better to carry than long handle umbrella. Many manufacturers have developed double fold umbrella as high-grade sunshade umbrella or umbrella.

Triple fold umbrella: compact, easy to carry, but the wind and rain than long handle or two fold umbrella much less.

Half off umbrellas: smaller than three folding umbrellas, convenient to carry, but the storage is relatively difficult to fold and the umbrella surface is relatively small.

There are relatively rare sixty percent off and six folding umbrellas, mainly for business travelers who are relatively easy to carry.

Pencil Umbrella: Named for its slender shape, the keel of the umbrella is indeed pencil thick and thin, because it is small and easy to carry, and the style is ingenious and popular. The sun shading umbrella is mainly used for sunshade and ultraviolet protection.

Golf umbrella: The most common is the straight-rod hand open golf umbrella, straight-rod automatic golf umbrella, because the umbrella is large, often more cycling, small strength is often unstable. More and more humane design is to put the umbrella face.

Make a double layer, when normal use, rain can not enter the umbrella inside, when the wind comes, along the top of the ventilation is discharged, thereby reducing the force on the hand.